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About Luc Choley

Luc studyed at INSEP in Paris, University of Sciences in Nice and University of Psyhcology in Bordeaux. Luc has represented France in the Olympics in sailing on three occasions in Moscow, Los Angeles and Seoul. He is a member of the prestigious World Olympians Association. He is the founder of the ground-breaking Olympic Fitness programme and is based in Cannes, France

For the past 25 years international and Olympic athletes in US football, track and field, rowing, nordic skiing, boxing, tennis and swimming have followed his methods achieving unparalleled success and he has also trained engineers from HP, Amadeus, Bayer, Air France and Ericsson. Luc has been the fitness manager at Hotel du Cap Eden Roc for the past 13 years and has trained celebrities, CEOs and movie stars across the globe in locations such as Hotel Georges V Paris and Four Seasons Grand Hotel St Jean Cap Ferrat as well as The HayBarn Spa in Daylesford, United Kingdom.

Focussed, precise and determined there is no-one better. Luc is a true champion. As so will you be. From elite athletes to beginners, Luc can change your life.

Luc is also an experienced, inspirational and charismatic Kundalini yoga teacher. He has taught this ancient form of yoga for 30 years. He trained under Yogi Bhajan who brought Kundalini yoga to the west in the late 1960’s. Luc’s confidence energy and enthusiasm is motivating and heartfelt. Luc shares these ancient teachings with compassion and dedication. He has incredible insight into the emotional and energetic landscape of the body and mind.

Whilst skiing, aged 22, Luc was involved in a serious accident. A helicopter found him in a crevasse after 23 hours. The prognosis was that he would spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair. Luc found his inner ‘Dream Key’ and so he was able to recover. While in a wheelchair Luc would visit the track and began to activate his ‘inner Dream Key’. 12 months later Luc was able to run again and he took part in a workshop for the French Olympic 400m Team in track and field. Weeks later Luc returned to sailing winning the European Cup and represented France twice at the Olympics.

These experiences gave him the determination to win, push him to open himself to help people to wake up, follow their dreams to transform their body health and destiny to their own goals.

Luc would love to help you achieve your dreams.

“Wake up the strength in your body and music in your heart.”

Luc choley

“It’s never too late or too early to change your body and life.”

Luc choley

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